Daisho Con is a Central-Wisconsin based anime and gaming convention held at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells.

Daisho Con aims to provide a yearly gathering where friends can gather to discuss anime, comics, video games, table-top games, sci-fi, or whatever else crosses their mind.

Even with a small-town Central-Wisconsin atmosphere, Daisho Con aims big. Daisho Con will host multiple events, before and during the contest to bring out your inner geek, and panels so you can learn more about your favorite topics!


How do I register for Daisho Con?

There are three ways:

  1. You can preregister online by going to our registration page.
  2. You can also preregister at our table at the many conventions we attend.
  3. You can register at the door. Keep in mind that you get a great deal on prices if you register online!
I’m from out of town. Where can I stay?

Since Daisho Con is held at the Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells, the hotel has set up discount prices for Daisho Con attendees. Make sure you mention that you’re with Daisho Con!

What are the rules about weapons at the conference?
  • No metal prop weapons of any kind. (Swords, nunchucks, etc.)
  • Mark Prop guns with orange tape around the barrel.
  • Air soft guns must have an orange tip and may not have a clip.
  • No ammunition is allowed for any prop weapons. (This includes arrows, air soft pellets, water in squirt guns or nerf darts.)
  • Size/weight ratio to be determined by control room.
  • Check weapon at the control room. Staff’s call if it is approved.
  • No solid bats. (Hollow plastic is fine)
  • No steel plate armor.
  • No illegal/ actual weapons (tazers, brass knuckles, etc)
  • No silly string.
  • Any weapon not in accordance with policy must be taken out of the con space.
  • Reckless use of weapons props may result in weapon removal and possible con-goer removal from the con space. (Posing for pictures is acceptable, swinging a bokken in a crowded area is not.)
  • Boffer weapons must be checked by action room staff and must adhere to Action room policy.