AMV Contest

This year there will be six awards given out at the AMV contest:
Best in Show, 3 Judges Choice Awards, Synchronization of Music Award and The Kawaii!! Award!

AMV Contest will be held from 3PM – 5PM in Daishotorium.

Categories and Awards:

  1. Best in Show Award: Will be scored in the following three categories. Whichever AMV scores the highest will win the award.
    • Editing/Style: This criteria will examine the aspects of editing that show skill with editing as well as the consistency of the style used while editing the AMV. Examples of poorly edited videos include ones with unintended flash frames, awkward cuts, sound issues, or other video issues. While keeping the style of the edits in mind, do the transitions fit well with the feel of the AMV? If using effects such as color correction or retiming, do they add to the visual aesthetic of the AMV?
    • Use of Music: Does the music you chose fit with story, style, and mood of the AMV? Do changes in tone or rhythm match the cuts in the video? If lip-syncing is used, do the lyrics fit well with the character’s mouth movements?
    • Storytelling: Most AMVs are created to tell a story or make a statement. How well does the AMV communicate that story or statement? An example of an AMV that successfully tells a good story or makes a strong statement will do so with its editing and the song accompanying it. If yours does not tell a story or make a statement, is it for a clear reason? If making the decision to use subtitles in the AMV, do they add to the storytelling of the AMV? If not, keep in mind that they usually detract from the visual aesthetic of the AMV.
    • Our Best in Show winner will receive a year subscription to Crunchyroll Premium!
  2. Synchronization of Music Award: Will be closely tied to the “Use of Music” criteria for the Best in Show award. This award will be given to the AMV that pays the closest attention to how the visuals in their AMV are timed to the music in their AMV. Do the visuals slow down in pace as the music slows down? Do the cuts fall on key points in the song?
    • Our SMA award will receive a $25.00 gift card and a trophy!
  3. Kawaii!!: This award will be given to an AMV featuring a cutesy, sweet, awwww/”thanks I’m crying happy tears” animated medium and/or an animated medium made to seem like any of the listed adjectives. The same rules listed below apply to this category. Entries featuring an intense amount of violence, gore or disturbing content may be rejected per the judge’s discretion. Same goes for the use of nudity and other sexual themes. Let’s keep it PG-13 people!
    • Our Kawaii!!! Award will receive the first choice from an equally Kawaii!!! Subscription Box and a trophy!
  4. Judges’ Choice Awards: Each of the three judges for the AMV contest will be allowed to give out one award to the AMV of their choice. There are no criteria for these awards. If the AMV catches the eye of the judge, but does not necessarily have the best editing, song choice, etc., that is where these awards come in to play. These awards will also not be given out to AMVs that have already won an award.
    • Our JCA’s will receive one of the remaining items from the Kawaii Subscription box and a Certificate!

Rules and Regulations:

All AMVs must meet the following requirements:

  1. Time Length: AMVs must be at least 1 minute in length and no longer than 6 minutes.
  2. Format: AMVs must be submitted in .MP4 video format, maximum 1080p HD resolution, no larger than 100MB. Your submission must include your name (and, if applicable, pseudonym) of the editor or editors of the video, and a list of all songs, as well as animated series used.
  3. Animation: AMVs must feature animation. No videos featuring live action films or TV shows will be accepted. Whether the animation was created in Japan, the US, or elsewhere does not matter. Also, the animation can be derived from many different mediums, such as feature films, television shows, video games, etc.
  4. Content Rating: AMVs must meet the standard of a “PG-13” level of content (no graphic nudity/sexual references or content/violence/F-bombs). Judges have the right to decide whether the video exceeds these standards.
  5. Creator(s): AMVs must be the work of the entrant (if a group of people work together on an AMV, all individuals must be included)
  6. All entries must be received by Friday November 1st at 11:59pm. You may submit as early as you like, the sooner the better!

In order to receive an award, the entrant must be present at the AMV Contest.

Entrant Considerations:

  1. Entrants informed that their video do not meet any of these standards can edit and resubmit their video to meet the standards before the entry deadline.
  2. If a congoer would like their AMV to be viewed, but not judged, they will be allowed to enter it as an exhibition. This also applies to videos that include live action clips.
  3. Each congoer will only be allowed to enter one AMV to be judged, but may enter a second to be viewed as an exhibition.

 Please be aware that by submitting an entry to the Daisho Con Animated Music Video contest you agree to and permit Daisho Con to display, use, and or distribute the submitted materials as it deems appropriate. This includes playing the submitted entry to the attendees of Daisho Con at various events, panels, and promotions.

Daisho Con reserves the right to amend these rules if necessary, as well as limit the number of entries to the AMV contest.

If you have any questions, please e-mail:

AMV submissions have ended, check back next year!