Cosplay Go

Welcome to Daisho Con’s 3nd Annual Cosplay Scavenger Hunt: Cosplay Go!

During this event, you will have the opportunity to not only win prizes but also interact with and appreciate all different types of cosplay at our convention. Please read and follow all rules below. Daisho Con is a safe and fun environment, so please be respectful of others. Thank you for participating and good luck finding them all!


  • Come to Cosplay Island to get information. Preview the grid here.
  • You need both a picture with you and the cosplayer and the cosplayer’s initials on the category’s box for that category to be completed and valid. Make sure to ask cosplayer’s permission before taking their picture!
  • No harassing: be respectful of both cosplayers, staff, and congoers in the con space.
  • The first three people to come into Cosplay Island with their list complete get the themed prizes. Anyone after that will get a participation prize. You need at least one cosplay to win the participation prize. (While supplies last).
  • The cosplay staff’s word is final on all complete or incomplete scavenger hunt sheets.
  • No doubling any cosplays; you must have one person for each category. (For example: A Naruto character with blue hair cannot count for both the Naruto category and blue hair category).
  • You cannot use yourself to fill a category.
  • The cosplayer must know you are taking a picture with them and you must get their initials on the box you are attempting to fill. If you take a picture without the cosplayer’s consent or the box is not initialed, the box will not be valid.
  • If you are caught cheating, you will be disqualified and will not receive the participation prize. The cosplay staff’s word on this is final.
  • If you are caught harassing other cosplayers, you will be disqualified and will not receive any prizes.
  • Cosplay Go will start at 4pm on Friday and end on 12pm on Sunday.
  • Cosplay Go will have team members available in Cosplay Island at these times:
    • Friday: 4-8pm
    • Saturday: 8-2pm
    • Sunday: 10-12pm


  • All participants will receive a participation button.
  • The first 3 congoers with a completed list receive a Bento box and a small string bag!