Cosplay Island

Cosplay Island is Daisho Con’s main place to hang out, cosplay, and take the best pictures!

Featured in the room is a scaled down replica of our Cosplay Contest Stage, which allows cosplayers a place to practice their moves or poses for cameras. Communal seating through the room allows everyone to relax with friends and see great cosplays.

Photoshoot schedule:


Assasination Classroom – 4pm
Attack on Titan – 4:30pm
Dangan Ronpa – 5pm
Full Metal Alchemist – 5:30pm
Overwatch – 6pm
Sword Art Online – 6:30pm
Naruto / Boruto – 7pm
Sailor Moon – 8pm
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – 8:30pm
Fruits Basket – 9pm
Voltron – 9:30pm


One Piece – 10am Demon Slayer – 10:30am Nintendo – 11am Studio Ghibli – 11:30am Marvel/DC – 12PM BREAK – 12:30PM RWBY – 1PM Pokemon – 1:30PM DragonBallZ – 2PM My Hero Academia – 2:30PM My Hero Academia – 3:00PM Disney – 4pm Legend of Zelda – 4:30pm League of Legends – 5pm Seven Deadly Sins – 5:30pm


Black Butler – 10am
YouTubers – 10:30am
Steven Universe – 11am
Tokyo Ghoul – 11:30am
Kingdom Hearts – 12pm
Harry Potter – 12:30pm
Lore Olympus – 1:30pm
Soul Eater – 2pm
Fairy Tail – 2:30pm

Cosplay Photoshoot Requests

We will do our best to provide a variety of photoshoots but cannot guarantee a time or all requests.