Cosplay Judges

Introducing Daisho Con’s 2018 Cosplay Judges!



Team Kazoku

Cosplay Dad:

Kevin aka The Cosplay Dad started cosplaying with his daughter Amber aka Koala Cosplay 10 years ago. His first con was Anime Milwaukee when it was held at UWM. Kevin is a technical instructor for GE Healthcare which sends him all over the world. Many of his cosplays have had some part of them built in other countries.  The Cosplay Dad and his daughter will be competing at Anime Expo for a chance to represent the USA in the World Cosplay Summit in Japan.

Koala Cosplay:

Koala Cosplay (or more popularly known as “the Cosplay Dad’s Daughter”) has been cosplaying with her dad for 10 years now. It all started with Raven and Stone at Anime Milwaukee and has evolved into the dynamic duo you see today!
With Koala being a recent graduate she’s still figuring her life out but her time mostly consists of working retail, making commissions, and trying to keep up on any and everything Steven Universe related. When she isn’t sewing you can usually find her researching for the next cosplay, chatting it up with her friends online, or just chillin while she watches Chopped.


Jaja Cosplay

JajaCosplay, (or Jasmine if you want to be best friends) is a cosplayer from southern Michigan. She first started cosplaying two years ago for Grand Rapids Comic Con. She thought she would make her costume in fear of spending an outrageous amount of money on something that might not fit. She went to her first con, had the best time of her life, and then things started to spiral out of control from there. She tries to make it to as many conventions as she can, so she can meet new people that she shares interests with, and make ALL the cosplay friends!

Jasmine’s day job is spent in retail, which she doesn’t think is the most exciting thing in the world, but it pays for her foam! She’s the mother of two wonderful Pit-bull children that try to help keep her in shape.

In between costumes she is an avid gamer, and lover of DC super heroes. She is a huge fan of Blizzard games, and loves the aesthetic of their large armor styles.


Orchid Nightblossom

Judy of Orchid Nightblossom Cosplay has been sewing for a number of years.  A self-taught seamstress, she discovered cosplay in 2014 and has never looked back.  Now an award winning, master level cosplayer you will usually see Judy showing her love of Disney in one of her many Princess gowns.  She is continually impressed by the creativity in the cosplay community and enjoys meeting cosplayers and learning about their love of this art form.  When not sewing for herself, family, or friends she spends time running and playing video games with her husband.


Lusive Seraph

Lusive began doing cosplay back in 2012 at anime world Chicago, but had been making costumes and props his whole life. By day he rents trucks and at night he creates cosplays. He recently started an etsy store with a fellow cosplayer doing custom cosplay and prop commissions. When he isn’t making cosplays or working he enjoys playing video games and enjoying time with his friends.


Shining Polaris

Christine Diep, from Illinois and has been cosplaying for over 25 years!  Her first cons were both Anime Central and Anime Expo in the 90s. She started to seriously cosplay and entered competitions in the 2000s.  Christine has entered many local and national competitions such as Reedpop’s Crown Championships of Cosplays and Dragoncon’s Friday Masquerade.  Her biggest award she earned was in 2016 for Judge’s Choice in the Crown Championships for her Victoria Dalek gown. Christine is involved in many charity based cosplay groups.  When she is not making costumes and preparing for cons, she enjoys doing various kid’s charity events and putting smiles on their faces!



Undeadtoasty is a cosplayer known for their many crossplays including Jak from Jak and Daxter and Kili from the Hobbit. Recently, they have been working on their Handsome Jack (doppleganger) cosplay as well as finishing up Trevor from Castlevania. They are passionate about costuming and makeup, but they also love to hand-craft the various props required by their characters. In their free time, they also enjoy flow arts (contact staff, juggling, fire eating, whip cracking, etc,) slacklining, gaming, hiking, and testing out various crafting methods. Undeadtoasty has greatly enjoyed the last six years of cosplaying and the wonderful interactions with other cosplayers and anime fans that it has brought.



Lunarex started cosplaying at Geek.kon back in 2010. After a few cosplays that shall never see the light of day again, she fell in love with the craft Through cosplay, she found her love of costuming which lead her to pursue a degree in Costume Design in Theatre at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. She currently is a student there wrapping up her degree, while attempting to make costumes between classes. In 2017, she teamed up with Lusive Seraph to form Whatever Products, an etsy store that sells props and costume commissions as well as whatever else! While not cosplaying, she enjoys spending way too much money on Disney Merchandise and spending way too much time in the theatre.