Drag Show

Melee McQueen

Model on the scene and chameleon of your dreams! Loves the art of transformation and live performance in order to communicate and represent diversity in the community.They are a University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Graduate that has been doing drag for nearly 6 years. Melee has studied art in many forms including but not limited to 2-d art, graphic design, sculpture, theater makeup, dance, and has a monthly show at D.I.X. Milwaukee on 1st and National. To keep updated on her work and resume follow @MeleeMcQueen on instagram etc.


Malaiya Marvel

Malaiya (THE) Marvel has been honing her craft as a drag artist for the past 4 years, and has been an avid nerd culture enthusiast her entire life. Her interest in costuming came from growing up with science fiction writer parents who encouraged creativity. The character of Malaiya was born from merging the love of drag with her early cosplay attempts as a boy. Malaiya has been featured in many of the largest drag shows in the midwest including the UWM show and Milwaukee pride. She is an original member of the D.I.X. Doll Haus, the resident drag troupe at D.I.X. bar in Milwaukee, and is also the host of D.I.X. Marvel COMIX the only recurring cosplay/nerd culture themed drag show in Milwaukee. Malaiya prides herself on being known as the “cosplay queen of milwaukee” and wants to take her kooky interpretation of drag around the world! You can find her on facebook: Malaiya Marvel and instagram: @mutantkween


Gluttoni Sinn

Gluttoni Sinn: Slayer of Food, Money & Men will be your favorite sin to indulge in. Gluttoni is a succubus demon princess from the deepest darkest circle of Hell that possesses the body of a young artist named Amani Carter from Milwaukee, WI in the hopes to leave her life of spreading famine behind to be a normal teenage girl. Her favorite food is edible and she’s probably currently throwing herself at your dad. With 4+ years in the drag game, Gluttoni hopes to give perspective on the fluidity of gender while also being conscious satirical play on how much we overindulge in the consumerism we are accustomed to in today’s society. You can find her on Instagram: @churchofsinn, Twitter: @churchofsinn, and Facebook: @churchofsinn


Pagan Holiday

Pagan’s credo is that imagination will save the world, and inspiration will be the hand that guides it! Whether art, science, humanities, or environmentalism: creative thinking will rouse the necessary change that this world is so eager to receive, and the light of imagination with illuminate the park into and inspired and prosperous future.


Pagan started performing in Portland, Oregon and in recent years relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she was recently part of a new concept, elimination style, YouTube drag competition: Camp Wannakiki. “Campy” Drag queens battling to the death at Summer Camp! She is currently working on a couple of puppetized YouTube shorts and a photo photo series with her best friend and collaborative partner, Cap’n Crazy Eyes… Coming to web and social media in late 2018. She can be followed on Instagram @paganholladay and Facebook @paganholladay


Oculus Prime

Oculus Prime is a fashion designer who attends the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Prime has training in both fine art and illustration. She has been doing drag for three years. For a look at works posted feel free to look her up on Instagram @oculusprime


Xavier McQueen

Xavier McQueen has been performing drag for just over a year and is considered “The Peter Parker of drag”. A Madison based drag queen majorly inspired by comics, especially Marvel, and obscure pop culture that she brings into her performances.