Deadlift Lolita

Concert Guest

Quick Facts

The next evolution of J-pop idols! You won’t want to miss their Friday night performance.

The group’s debut single and music video will be released on March 31st, with the debut live performance on April 5th at Club Asia In Shibuya, Tokyo.

Group Members

Ladybeard (Crossdressing Performer)

Height: 180cm
Regular participant in DDT Pro-Wrestling and Makkai Fighting Theater Aesthetic
Strengths: pectoral muscles and quadriceps
Image color: Pink

Reika Saiki (Bodybuilder Idol)

Agency: WALK Co.,Ltd.
Height: 150cm
Regular participant in Wrestle-1, Tokyo Jyoshi Pro-Wrestling and DDT Pro-Wrestling
Aesthetic strengths: biceps and triceps
Image color: Blue


The redefinition of “Kawaii”!!! “DEADLIFT LOLITA”, the physically strongest idol group on earth, was born of the fusion of Kawaiiness, muscles, and joy!!! The group has 2 members: Ladybeard, a Kawaiicore Idol and pro-wrestler, and Reika Saiki, also a pro-wrestler and bodybuilding Idol. The pure destruction of Ladybeard’s screams joins forces with the charm and delicacy of Reika Seiki’s alto vocals to pump you up like never before! With a dance performance guaranteed to burn through the calories, you`re going to need your sports drink by the end of this show! The strongest ever cheer team for those who love Japanese subculture around the world has finally arrived!


We perform a genre called “KawaiiCore”, an amalgamation of Kawaii(meaning “cute” in Japanese), and Metalcore. We will perform 4 brand new original songs at our debut live show on April 5th! The songs are written by the songwriter Shade, writer of the theme tunes for numerous Bishojo games, and ISAO, the highly skilled 8-string guitarist who has performed with many famous local and international artists including “BABYMETAL”.


Within Japan once a month the group will perform at the Tokyo Visual Arts Vocational College as part of a new, special collaboration with the school. The group will also be accepting offers to perform at other events.

International activities As a speaker of 5 languages, Ladybeard has already performed in more than 15 countries since beginning to operations in Japan, often at international anime & manga events. Hence, Ladybeard has already built an international fanbase, which we’re about to show something new with DEADLIFT LOLITA.