Nipah Dubs

Cosplay Guest

Quick Facts
Known For:

Cloud, Prince Zuko, Vanitas






Nipah is an award-winning Texas based Cosplayer and has been working with his craft for over six years.

He has had the privilege of appearing as a guest for multiple venues including out of country events. Currently with over forty different cosplays completed, from original designs to reproductions.

Nipah has taught courses on cosplaying and is a skilled wig stylist, prop maker and seamster. Selling custom props and wigs, he is always trying to accomplish and learn new skills.

Some of his favorite cosplays he has completed are Aoba, the protagonist from the visual-novel DRAMAtical MURDER. Vanitas from the series Kingdom Hearts and Howl from the Studio Ghibli film Howls Moving Castle.

Nipah has also been sponsored to model the cosplays from multiple companies (CosplaySky and Miccostumes).

Almost all of Nipah’s cosplays are sewn and made by himself.