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Taku Takahashi launched his career in 1998 as the DJ of music group “m-flo”. The group rose to fame soon after, and have sold over 2 million copies of their 30 singles and 10 albums in 10 years. For his solo works, Taku Takahashi is known for producing, as well as remixing music for prominent artists across several genres from around the world.  Winning beatport’s “Beatport Music Awards 2011 Top Tracks” with “Incoming… TAKU Remix”, he has proven himself as one of Japan’s top internationally recognized artists. In addition to his work in the pop & dance music genres, he has been active in production for video game & animation properties; contributing to the soundtracks of several high profile properties over the years. Some of his more prolific work can be found included in Gainax’s “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”, Shinichiro Watanabe’s “Space Dandy”, and Square Enix’s “Figureheads”.

In 2011, in his biggest venture yet, Taku Takahashi established Japan’s first and only Dance Music Radio Station “block.fm”. Now with over 40 individual programs featuring exclusive mix shows from world-famous international and Japanese DJs, block.fm is gaining strong attention as its fan base continues to multiply.  Praised for his many works in the industry, Taku Takahashi was recognized as the Number 1 DJ for 2012 and 2013 by Japan’s most well-known domestic dance music publication iLOUD for their “DJ 50/50” yearly top DJ list. In 2012, as m-flo, he released the album “SQUARE ONE”. In June, 2013, Taku was invited to perform at the inaugural “Ultra Festival Korea”, followed by a performance at Tokyo’s own “Ultra Japan” the same December, bringing the latest dance music to audiences around Asia.