Nerf Arena

Come to the Action Room for a new form of foam fighting! On Saturday night, bring your Nerf blasters to the action room (or use one from Daisho Con’s armory) for action-packed foam firefights!

General Rules:

  1. Players must sign an Action Room waiver before participating in Daisho Con’s Nerf arena.
  2. No physical contact is allowed (this includes nerf swords or other foam weapons) Shooting another player with a Nerf dart is the only way to eliminate them. If you are interested in melee combat, we welcome you to join us during our daytime action room events.
  3. All individuals in the arena during a match must wear safety goggles while in the nerf arena, including anyone not playing. Do not remove goggles until the match is over and the referee has signaled that it is safe to remove goggles. Outside goggles are allowed, but must first be approved by a Daisho Con Nerf referee.
  4. While eye protection must be worn, please avoid purposeful headshots unless that is the only target available to you.
  5. Avoid “blind firing” (shooting without looking where your Nerf gun is shooting).
  6. Proper footwear (athletic or walking shoes, no open toes) must be worn during Daisho Con Nerf arena events.
  7. Please be aware of and call your hits-referees are mainly there to prevent cheating. Matches will be short and will allow plenty of playtime for all.
  8. Barricades are meant as immobile cover. Please do not tip them over or move them.
  9. Intoxicated play is not allowed. If an attendee appears intoxicated, they will be asked to leave the Nerf arena.

Nerf Weapon Rules:

  1. Players are allowed to bring any of their own Nerf guns capable of firing “streamline,” “Mega,” and “Rival” ammo.
  2. Non-Nerf brand dart blasters are not allowed.
  3. Any guns brought in must be first inspected and approved by a Daisho Con referee before they can be used for play.
  4. Nerf weapons will also be provided in a limited basis by Daisho Con for use during the event.
  5. “Streamline,” “Mega,” and “Rival” Nerf ammo will be provided for use by Daisho Con. No outside darts are allowed.
  6. When bringing your Nerf guns to Action Room, please keep all magazines removed until you enter Action Room.

Attendees violating above rules may be asked to leave the Nerf arena and not be allowed to return.