Cosplay Island

Cosplay Island is Daisho Con’s main place to hang out, cosplay, and take the best pictures!

Featured in the room is a scaled down replica of our Cosplay Contest Stage, which allows cosplayers a place to practice their moves or poses for cameras. Communal seating through the room allows everyone to relax with friends and see great cosplays.


All cosplayers and attendees can check out our schedule of Fandom Photoshoots throughout the weekend or use the open shoot times. Check out our schedule below to see the list of cosplay meetup photoshoots.


3:00 PM Nintendo
4:00 PM Marvel/DC
5:00 PM Black Butler
5:30 PM Legend of Zelda
6:00 PM Sailor Moon
6:30 PM Love Live
7:00 PM RWBY


11:00 AM Seven Deadly Sins
11:30 AM Attack on Titan
12:00 PM Overwatch
1:00 PM My Hero Academia
2:00 PM Voltron
3:00 PM Steven Universe
4:00 PM Star Wars


10:00 AM Persona
10:30 AM Haikyuu
11:00 AM Yuri on Ice
12:00 PM Disney
12:30 PM Fairy Tale
1:00 PM Pokemon