Every year we open up our events schedule for our community to get the chance to run informative and fun panels about their favorite geeky topics!

At Daisho Con, panels can include more than speaker-driven lectures. We’re open to hearing about all sorts of gatherings and interactive activities! In the past, we’ve had panels that have done anime-themed game shows, art tutorials, game demos, and much, much more! The possibilities are endless… if you have an event you want to run, let us know!

Submit Your Panel!

Daisho Con provides the following equipment in each panel room:

  • Projector and screen
  • Access to room sound
  • Cables (HDMI, Mac Mini DisplayPort converter, or VGA)
  • One microphone *Additional microphones may be requested on the application, but are not guaranteed.
  • One 8ft table
  • 6“ high stage
  • Chairs
  • Guest wireless service is available at the Kalahari for free; however, the reliability may be unstable due to fluctuating bandwidth demand.

Panel and Event Policy:

  • Panelists may not provide food or beverages to panel attendees unless items are individually packaged and factory sealed.
  • Only Daisho Con Staff or Kalahari staff are allow to adjust or relocate provided audio/visual equipment. This means that anything taped down may not be moved. However, panelists are allowed to rearrange chairs within the panel room.
  • Our audio/visual technicians must be allowed to configure your device as needed for equipment setup under panelist supervision. We will not install anything on your device.
  • Panelist must arrive at the  panel room 10 minutes prior to the panel, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Panels/Events containing mature content are only open to 18+ audiences and will generally be scheduled in the evenings.
  • A panelist may apply for multiple panels, however, not all panels submissions may be accepted to allow opportunity to other panelists.
  • A panelist may not allow preferred seating.
  • A panel submission may not be accepted due to safety concerns of attendees.
  • In the event that a panelist does not show for their scheduled panel times, future considerations of panel submissions may be impacted.