Props And Weapons

What are your policies for props/weapons at the convention?

  • No metal prop weapons of any kind. (Swords, nunchucks, etc.)
  • Mark Prop guns with orange tape around the barrel.
  • Air soft guns must have an orange tip and may not have a clip.
  • No ammunition is allowed for any prop weapons. (This includes arrows, air soft pellets, water in squirt guns or nerf darts.)
  • Size/weight ratio to be determined by control room.
  • Check weapon at the control room. Staff’s call if it is approved.
  • No solid bats. (Hollow plastic is fine)
  • No steel plate armor.
  • No illegal/ actual weapons (tazers, brass knuckles, etc)
  • No silly string.
  • Any weapon not in accordance with policy must be taken out of the con space.
  • Reckless use of weapons props may result in weapon removal and possible con-goer removal from the con space. (Posing for pictures is acceptable, swinging a bokken in a crowded area is not.)
  • Boffer weapons must be checked by action room staff and must adhere to Action room policy.