Vendor Hall

Vendors come from all around the midwest to bring you your favorite obscure otaku items. From ramune to fox-eared hats, the Daisho Con vendors are sure to find you what you’re looking for (and plenty of stuff you didn’t know you wanted!).

Apply for Vendor Hall

Thinking about becoming a vendor for Daisho Con 2017? Vendor Hall applications are open from May 1 to May 31 for stores and shops selling licensed merchandise.

If you are selling handmade goods check out our Artist Alley. Not sure where you should apply? Email and we will help you find the right place!

Applications are not on a first come first served basis. Each application will be reviewed and everyone will have an equal chance to be accepted.

On the application you will be asked to provide photos of your merchandise or photos of your booth at previous cons so come prepared. It is not necessary to have these photos but it gives you a much better chance of being chosen.

Click to Apply

Space and Fees

Vendors may purchase up to 3 spaces in the vendor hall. Each space is 8 x 10 feet.. Each vendor will be given 2 badges, any additional badges needed can be purchased.

Each vendor space (up to 3)$300
Each additional badge$25


Vendors Newsletter

Please check back later to apply for our Vendor Hall. In the mean time, interested vendors may sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on vendor news for Daisho Con 2017.