Vendor Hall

Vendors come from all around the midwest to bring you your favorite obscure otaku items. From ramune to fox-eared hats, the Daisho Con vendors are sure to find you what you’re looking for (and plenty of stuff you didn’t know you wanted!).

Vendor Space (8x10ft)



1 Space



2 Spaces



3 Spaces



Access to electricity not guaranteed. Additional badges are $50/badge.

Vendor Application

This application will be open from June 1st until July 31st, 11:59m. Applications are not on a first come first served basis. Each application will be reviewed and everyone will have an equal chance to be accepted. Email with questions.
    Mature content must be covered from the general public and only shown to those 18 or older. IDs must be checked to show mature content.
  • Daisho Con has a Zero-Tolerance policy toward bootlegged and illegal products. If we see or are informed of boot-legs being sold, we will discreetly inspect the item or items in question and reserve the right to expel anyone selling bootlegged items from the vendor hall without a refund.

    We ask that vendors do not resell items from other vendors or artists at Daisho Con, as an act of courtesy to both the vendors and artists present.

    Daisho Con is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise. Vendor Hall will be locked up during off hours and Daisho Con and Kalahari staff will be present at all times but ultimately it is the vendor’s responsibility to keep track of their merchandise.

    Please keep in mind Daisho Con’s Vendor Hall has extremely high ceilings. If you are interested in building up your Vendor Display, have the space for tall displays.

    By submitting this form you are allowing Daisho Con to advertise your business on the Daisho Con website and the various social media associated with Daisho Con should your application be accepted.