Action Room

Fight With Honor

The Action Room is Daisho Con’s go-to place for fighting your friends with the foamiest swords, shields, and arrows around. We offer training in all the rules and techniques of foam-based battle and the equipment required to head into your first or fiftieth fight; combatants of all skill levels are welcome.

Feel like you’ve mastered the art? Join one of our tournaments to prove your mastery. Want to learn more about it all? We will host a plethora of panels in our room so anyone can learn the ins and outs of foam fighting and the culture that surrounds it.

Come join us! Bring some friends, make some friends, and fight! See you there!

Action Room Rules

  • Attendees MUST sign a waiver and be run through the rules by Action Room staff before being allowed on the fighting field.
  • Attendees under the age of 18 MUST have a parent/guardian sign a waiver for them. No participants under the age of 14 may participate in field battles.
  • Daisho Con Action Room equipment may not leave the Action Room.
  • Daisho Con Action Room equipment may not be used until a waiver is signed and attendee badge is marked.
  • No storage of personal belongings unless you are currently in the room.
  • Boffer equipment can be left in the room in the personal gear area with permission from staff, but Daisho Con is not responsible for any belongings lost or damaged.
  • Onlookers should not be on the fighting field unless permission is given from Action Room staff.
  • Any age attendee is allowed to fight.
  • Our goals for the Action Room are to BE SAFE and HAVE FUN. Any attendees endangering other people or disrupting the room in any way may be asked to leave by Daisho Con staff.

  • Absolutely NO hitting in the head or neck.
    • Any contact above the collarbone is incredibly dangerous and strictly forbidden. If an attendee (or staff member) is seen doing this unintentionally on a regular basis or intentionally at all, they will be asked to leave the room.
    • If accidental contact is made, stop and make sure the person is okay. (If they are not okay, NOTIFY STAFF IMMEDIATELY)
  • If the word, “HOLD” is yelled, immediately stop fighting and put a knee onto the floor.
    • “HOLD” signifies that an unsafe situation occurred and must be assessed by staff.
    • Fighters will be told by staff when they can continue fighting.
  • DO NOT put the tip of the weapons into the ground.
    • It can easily break the gear, even doing so once can ruin the weapon beyond repair.
    • If staff sees anyone putting the tip of the weapons into the floor, they will be given ONE verbal warning.
    • After that warning, staff will take the gear away and the offending person will be asked to leave the room.
  • There is NO intentional shield contact.
    • Accidental bumping happens, but no shield bashing, checking, or edging is allowed.
    • Repeated incidents of unintentional shield contact or any intentional shield contact will result in the shield being taken away for a time declared by Action Room Staff, or in extreme cases, removal of the offending person from the room.
  • If a member of Action Room staff or a designated volunteer that is heralding the field at the time says that a fighter has been hit, DO NOT ARGUE. Their word is law.
  • If you feel that someone is cheating, please let staff know immediately so they can assess and solve the situation.
  • Keep hydrated! (There will be water provided)
  • If you feel that ANYTHING is out of the ordinary or unsafe in the Action Room, notify staff right away so it can be resolved.

We follow simplified Belegarth rules, for more information click HERE

  • Fighting is in a lightest-touch style.
    • This means if you feel the hit, you have to take it. There is no minimum hit strength requirement.
    • If the weapon only comes into contact with clothing on a swing or stab, “garb” may be called instead and it does not count as a hit.
  • When a fighter dies on the field, they should immediately say, “Dead,” and/or put their weapon over the top of their head to signify that they are out of battle. The dead fighter should also remove him/herself from the field to stay out of the way of the other fighters.
  • A hit to the torso leads to immediate death.
    • Torso includes the top of the shoulder (from the base of the neck to the shoulder socket), down to the groin and buttocks area and everything in between.
    • Note: Please do not intentionally hit people in the groin.
  • A hit to the arm means that the arm must be put behind the victim’s back.
    • Gear in the deadened arm may be moved to the live hand before being placed behind the back.
    • Getting hit in the same arm twice leads to death.
    • If anything remains in that arm when it is placed behind the back, any contact to that item counts as being in the arm/body and counts as a killing shot.
  • A hit to the leg means that the victim must kneel on that leg.
    • The knee of the dead leg must never leave the ground.
    • The legged fighter may still move around on his/her knees.
    • As long as the good leg’s knee is off of the ground, any hits to the “dead leg” do not count and can be called as “dead leg.”
    • If both knees are on the ground, both can be hit and be counted as a killing blow.
  • Any two limb shots counts as a death.
    • Arm & Arm
    • Leg & Leg
    • Arm & Leg
  • “Hand on weapon” is called on any hit below the wrist (wrist, hand, fingers) on a fighter’s weapon wielding hand. It does not count as an arm shot.
    • Getting hit in a hand without a weapon in it still counts as a hit to the arm and should be treated as such.
    • Note: Please do not intentionally hit people in the hands. It is painful and does you no good in the game.
  • “Foot on ground” is called when anything below the ankle (ankle, foot, toes) is hit while the foot is placed on the ground.
    • Getting hit in the foot while it is in the air counts as a hit to the leg and should be treated as such.
  • On a flat-blade weapon, only hit with the narrow side of the weapon.
    • The flat side of the weapon is much less padded and is unsafe to be hit with.
      • Note: It is a sword, not a paddle.
  • This is an honor-based system.
    • Only the person being hit can say if/when they have been hit, not the person doing the swinging.
    • Note: This is not an invitation to cheat. Take your hits or staff will be forced to remove you from the room.
    • Note: Communication is key. If you feel that you may have hit someone, ask them. The intensity of the room may have given them sensory overload and they may not have noticed or you may not have hit them but their clothing instead. The worst thing you can do is not say anything.

  • Personal boffer gear can be brought to the Action Room.
  • All personal boffer gear must be checked and OK’d by Action Room Staff.
    • If the gear is not OK’d, it CANNOT be used in the Action Room.
  • All weapons must have a pommel that is large enough to avoid damage to equipment or attendees if accidental contact occurs.
  • All weapons must have sufficient padding along the entire striking surface that the weapon’s core cannot be felt through the foam.
  • All weapons will be tested with a hit test to see if it is safe to be used on the field.
    • If the weapon stings, leaves a lingering pain, or is deemed unsafe in some way, it will fail.
  • All weapons will be tested to be stab legal by a hit test.
    • If the weapon passes all tests other than the stab test, it can be used on the field but cannot be stabbed with.
    • If any weapon that does not pass stab test is seen being stabbed with, it will be removed from the field and the attendee using it will be asked to use Daisho Con equipment.
  • Any weapon can be denied use for any reason determined by Action Room staff and their decision is FINAL.

  • All Action Room rules must be followed during tournaments unless otherwise stated by staff.
  • No arguing with the staff’s decisions on hits. If a staff member says you’ve been hit, you have been hit.
  • If a weapon tip is seen being put onto the floor, it is an automatic loss for the offending person or team. No exceptions.
  • Be very clear in your communication. (If it hits your clothing, say “garb” loudly enough for all parties to hear.)
  • Any cases of cheating or unsafe behavior will result in the offending person or team being disqualified from the tournament. In extreme cases, the offending player will be banned from future tournaments or removed from the Action Room.
  • Staff reserves the right to remove any person from the tournament for any reason.


Quarterstaff Tournament

Friday 4:00 PM

Show us your skills using our 5 ft long quarterstaffs in an attempt to be the best of the best. Be careful though, doing fancy moves look great but if you hit yourself, the shot counts and could potentially kill you and cost you victory. Think you are up for the new weapon challenge?

1 vs 1 Tournament

Saturday 1:00 PM

Anything goes! Bring your personal gear (to be checked by staff) or borrow any equipment from the room to use during this tournament. Pick your best fighting style and see if you can make it to the top in this best two-of-three, single-elimination style tournament.

If enough people enter the tournament and interest is shown, we may separate the tournament into beginner and expert levels and run them at the same time.

Archery Tournament

Saturday 5:00 PM

If bow and arrow is more your style, then stop by the archery tournament! You get three shots at our target with one of our bows and our Belegarth style arrows, and the person with the highest points at the end of the tournament wins.

Gentleman's Tournament

Sunday 1:00 PM

Just one combatant and sword against another. Each fighter will be provided with identical longsword and participate in in our best two-of-three, single elimination tournament.

Nerf Arena

Come to the Action Room for a new form of foam fighting! On Saturday night, bring your Nerf blasters to the action room (or use one from Daisho Con’s armory) for action-packed foam firefights!

General Rules:

  1. Players must sign an Action Room waiver before participating in Daisho Con’s Nerf arena.
  2. No physical contact is allowed (this includes nerf swords or other foam weapons) Shooting another player with a Nerf dart is the only way to eliminate them. If you are interested in melee combat, we welcome you to join us during our daytime action room events.
  3. All individuals in the arena during a match must wear safety goggles while in the nerf arena, including anyone not playing. Do not remove goggles until the match is over and the referee has signaled that it is safe to remove goggles. Outside goggles are allowed, but must first be approved by a Daisho Con Nerf referee.
  4. While eye protection must be worn, please avoid purposeful headshots unless that is the only target available to you.
  5. Avoid “blind firing” (shooting without looking where your Nerf gun is shooting).
  6. Proper footwear (athletic or walking shoes, no open toes) must be worn during Daisho Con Nerf arena events.
  7. Please be aware of and call your hits-referees are mainly there to prevent cheating. Matches will be short and will allow plenty of playtime for all.
  8. Barricades are meant as immobile cover. Please do not tip them over or move them.
  9. Intoxicated play is not allowed. If an attendee appears intoxicated, they will be asked to leave the Nerf arena.

Nerf Weapon Rules:

  1. Players are allowed to bring any of their own Nerf guns capable of firing “streamline,” “Mega,” and “Rival” ammo.
  2. Non-Nerf brand dart blasters are not allowed.
  3. Any guns brought in must be first inspected and approved by a Daisho Con referee before they can be used for play.
  4. Nerf weapons will also be provided in a limited basis by Daisho Con for use during the event.
  5. “Streamline,” “Mega,” and “Rival” Nerf ammo will be provided for use by Daisho Con. No outside darts are allowed.
  6. When bringing your Nerf guns to Action Room, please keep all magazines removed until you enter Action Room.

Attendees violating above rules may be asked to leave the Nerf arena and not be allowed to return.