main events

Daisho Con’s Cosplay Contest is one of the best times to show of your hard work and ham it up to the waiting audience. All cosplays and cosplayers are welcome! Not to mention, you’ll be in the running to win some great prizes. Be sure to register on Friday from 4-8 pm or Saturday 8am-12pm. Spots fill up quickly, so get there early! We look forward to seeing all of the stellar cosplays this year!

Main Programming
Saturday 10:30pm


Everyone’s favorite dance is back and better than ever. From the ashes of Amphammer and RAVEnarok arises a whole new level of awesome that you didn’t know existed. Get ready for the unveiling of Dream Wars, Daisho Con’s freshly revamped rave! Featuring a funky fresh new stage layout and design, it’s something that you definitely do not want to miss out on. We’re bringing in some of the best talent from all over the electronic music scene that will leave you shaking in your boots. So grab a friend, or twenty, and come experience the best con rave that the midwest has to offer!
We’ll be there enjoying the party. Will you?

Main Programming
Friday 12pm


Welcome to the Daisho Con Festival! Join us in Main Programming as we bring games, entertainment, and fun for everyone! Come and visit some of our artists, enjoy the music and entertainment on the stage, and wander around and explore our festival as our premiere event to open the convention weekend!

Come to the Action Room for a new form of foam fighting! On Saturday night, bring your Nerf blasters to the action room (or use one from Daisho Con’s armory) for action-packed foam firefights!

Main Programming
Friday 10pm

The Drag Show is one of Daisho Con’s main events. Taking place on our main stage, our Drag performers will amaze you with their upbeat performance! Love the performers? Love the outfits, the dancing? Bring your dollar bills to tip your favorite Queen and let them dance their way into your heart!

Are you ready to d-d-d-d-duel? Daisho Con has multiple tournaments for you to compete in! Try your best and compete in tournaments in our Action Room, Table Top Room and Video Game Room for bragging rights and prizes!