2021 Update


It is a hard decision to make but the cancellation of our convention will extend to our 2021 event. While we are all excited for a time when we can all attend conventions once again, we are dedicated to doing our part to keep the con community safe. Hope is on the horizon! We are grateful for your support and patience during such a uniquely challenging time.

Much love,


TO THE SUPPORTERS AND FANS OF DAISHO CON, Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding while we worked to make decisions about our 2020 convention. We have seen the impact of COVID-19 and how it affects many large events like ours in the last few months. We know we are one of many teams who have had to consider all the options for safety for our fans and like many others, we are sadly officially announcing the cancellation of Daisho Con this year. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our community for supporting us in this time: the vendors and artists who applied to be with us, the panelists who were working on their presentations, our industry partners, and our incredible volunteer staff who were brimming with ideas and tenacity for this year’s event. Most of all, thank your to our attendees who we do it all for. We are going to miss all of your energy, laughter, comradery and togetherness this year. Without you, our November is going to be a lot less incredible. That being said, we plan on making up for it in 2021! We look forward to seeing you all there! We know some of you cosplayers are already getting started (and the other lot of you will procrastinate like normal, just don’t work yourselves to death). Prepare yourself for the next Daisho Con! Stay tuned for more updates! Much love, THE DAISHO CON TEAM
DEAR DAISHO CON ATTENDEE, We have been receiving a lot of questions concerning whether we will cancel and how our event will be handled in this constantly evolving chaos that is a global pandemic. Our Board of Directors is working hard to make the best decisions possible for the safety of all attending while still complying with our contractual obligations. With this in mind, these are the following updates for the 2020 convention year: Last year was our most successful year with over 7,300 attendees. Hotel rooms and convention spaces were packed. Based on last year’s attendance, it may not be safe to hold the convention this year. We are erring on the side of caution but we are still hopeful that the convention will happen. We are taking steps needed to prepare for possible cancellation. At this moment in time, we cannot officially cancel our event. This uncertainty is inconvenient for everyone, but this is the reality of our contractual obligations unless state or federal law mandates otherwise. If we cancel, we will announce our official cancellation via our social media pages and on our website. With the probability of cancellation high, we are pausing registration at this time. This saves us a lot in processing fees for potential refunds and a lot of work for our financial team who take care of those transactions for you. We will not be accepting new registrations until late Fall. We will be refunding all registrations in the next few weeks, as quickly as our transaction processor allows. If Daisho Con 2020 is NOT cancelled, the following will be available in the Fall:
  • We will send out coupon codes to those who have previously purchased registration for Daisho Con 2020. These coupons will ensure that you have the ability to register at the same price you originally purchased.
  • Registration will open for new registrations at the $45 price point.
  • Our room block date will be announced and open for booking.
  • Our guests and events will be announced.
  • We will communicate any safety requirements needed to attend.
A big thanks to our fans for sticking with us while we navigate through this together. Our goal at this time is to be as proactive as possible for the benefit of all. We will keep everyone updated as our convention dates get closer. No matter what, this year or next, we look forward to seeing all of you and having the best convention weekend ever. From, THE DAISHO CON TEAM